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Hi... it's me... I'm the interviewee! Fun with Captain Starlight on Starlight TV!

What's up, party people? I'm here to dish on my recent interview on Starlight TV with the one and only Captain Starlight! Let me tell you, it was a wild ride.

First off, Captain Starlight is AWESOME. I mean, that outfit... the hat... the silver cape... Captain Starlight is a fashion dynamo, and also just an all-round dynamo!

We talked about how I come up with my book ideas, and let me tell you, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it involves staring at a blank page for hours on end, or drinking way too much coffee and bouncing off the walls. But hey, that's the life of a writer. I was also lucky enough to be able to answer some questions from viewers, which was really cool.

Then, it was time for story time! I read from my book 'Kora Kerplunk's Travelling Tongue.' I channelled my inner 'Playschool Presenter' with some very animated facial expressions and voices. It was Oscar-worthy, for sure! LOL

To finish off the interview, I got to play "Wheel of Food-tune" against Captain Starlight! (It was definitely the highlight of the show). Viewers got to text in and choose which foods we had to eat, and let me tell you, some of them were...interesting. There were mars bars and marshmallows, which would have been delish, but there were also gross things like 'a mouthful of cold baked beans,' and 'stinky blue cheese'. I had to eat BOTH of those, and Captain Starlight even had to eat a spoonful of vegemite and a broccoli sandwich (yikes!). But we were troopers and powered through, because that's what heroes do.

All in all, it was a blast. I loved getting to share my stories and show kids everywhere that writing can be fun and silly. And if you ever want to try your hand at writing, just remember: all you need is a wild imagination and a pencil (or a laptop, if you're fancy). Keep reading and keep dreaming, and who knows, maybe one day you'll be on Starlight TV too!


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