Garbage Guts

By Emily S. Smith, illustrated by Heidi Cooper-Smith

In the North Pacific Ocean lives a monster made of trash,

A hungry, greedy meanie with a handlebar moustache.

And though his name is Garbage Guts, he’s often called Big G. He blobs about destroying all the oceans and the seas.’

Garbage Guts is determined to have the ocean all for himself, and will do just about anything to get his way. How on Earth will this beast be stopped?

This action-packed story explores the impact of our waste on the environment, and ways we can help save our planet.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780987635426

Softcover ISBN:  9780648728702

Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day

By Emily S. Smith, illustrated by Graham Davidson

Meet Betty, a Yeti who is frustrated by the "whiteness" of her world. Fearing she might go crazy with all the boring white, she sets off on a journey determined to find colour.

Betty soon discovers that there are a lot of challenges and disasters to be found on her quest, experiencing a wide range of emotions that colour her experience of the world.

Will her world always be colourless and dull? Will she be able to see her world in a different way?

Hardcover ISBN: 978 064 819 1407

Softcover ISBN:  978 064 819 1438

Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair

   By Emily S. Smith, illustrated by Graham Davidson

'The life of a chair is a sad dismal tale, and when you hear of it, you'll cry, oh, you'll wail...'

Chairs get farted on, stood on, and left out in the rain, but is the life of a chair the worst life there is?


The second picture book to be released in Storytime Lane, "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair" is all about perspective and appreciating what you have.

Hardcover ISBN: 978 064 819 1452

Softcover ISBN:  978 064 819 1445


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