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What's in an Author Visit?

A typical Author Visit will include:

  • Discussion about what an author and an illustrator do, and why these are the best jobs in the world

  • A look into where ideas for stories come from

  • An interactive reading of “Garbage Guts"

  • The importance of planning and editing

  • An interactive reading of "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair"

  • Tips for Writing

  • Question Time


Group size: Maximum 100 students per session

Time: 40 minute talk with 10 minute Question Time at the end.

Age:  Grades K-6

Space/Talk requirements: SMART Board or projector with laptop connectivity for PowerPoint Presentation Cost: $250 (ASA rates) per one hour session, but this is negotiable. Multiple sessions can be booked for the one day. Extra travel costs apply to areas more than 120 kms from Newcastle CBD.

Book sales: If possible, I would like to sell books during my visit. Please advertise book sales when this event is advertised.