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It's Book Week BABY!

It's that time of year that all authors adore: Book Week! It was extra-exciting for me as this was my very first Book Week as an author! Woop woop! As a part of my Book Week celebrations, I got to share my books "Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day" and "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just a Chair" with two very special groups of children: The Aspect School Central Coast and the children at the Starlight Room of the John Hunter Hospital.

Here's Aunty Em, sharing 'Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day" with a special pirate helper clicking through my slideshow in the background at the Aspect School.

There was lots of singing, poor ukulele playing (by Aunty Em), and even a bit of magic that mystified and amazed both the juniors and the seniors. To quote one of the teachers from the school "Our students, all on the autism spectrum, connected with Aunty Em and thoroughly enjoyed the stories, songs and magic. It was our best Book Week celebration ever! Thank you Emily for your time and the joy you brought". It was such a wonderful experience.

Aunty Em with Captain Dotty and Captain Tea Cup

Aunty Em also got to celebrate with the Starlight Captains and the children at the Starlight Room of the John Hunter Hospital. Here she is pictured with Captain Dotty (left) and Captain Teacup (right).

During the visit, Captain Silly Billy helped Aunty Em create this amazing "Chair" costume to wear for the Book Parade. Captain Silly Billy also dressed up as Betty the Yeti for the Book Parade, and helped act out the story too!

All in all, it was a great first Book Week as a proper author. Fingers crossed that next year will bring more fun, more sharing of stories, and more awesome visits with amazing children all around the place!

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