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Storytime at Harry Hartogs Green Hills

Aunty Em and Graham Davidson had the pleasure of performing another storytime session at Harry Hartog Green Hills on Tuesday 24th April 2018. They shared their new book "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair" as well as the old favourite "Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day". A number of the children in the audience had copies of Betty at home, and they did very well to remember key parts of the story and make predictions about what would happen next.

Of course, some of the larger pictures Graham had brought along had a few problems, but the ever helpful children in the audience helped to remedy that situation by making suggestions for Graham as he drew.

There was also a musical element as the children sang "If you're happy and you know it" with Aunty Em, as well as sang and signed in Auslan "The Rainbow song".

It was so lovely to be able to share our stories with such a bright, responsive and engaged audience. Stay tuned for information about the launch of our new book "Life Is Not Fair When You Are Just A Chair"!

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