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Official Launch of Storytime Lane and Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day

Well, I can't believe the amazing success of our launch! I have to admit, I was a little on the concerned side that we wouldn't have many attendees, and that there would be a sea of empty seats, but boy was I wrong! The support we received from family, friends, the Hunter Writers' Centre, work colleagues, NBN television, as well as the general public was simply astounding.

The day went off without a hitch (well, if you don't count the Square credit card reader not working... nor the audio on the video not working 100%... but I'm not counting that, mainly because I'm a glass half-full kinda gal, but also because we found ways around it, so we were too hindered by it). We were so surprised (and wet-our-pants-excited) when the NBN News crew turned up and told us they'd be covering the event. That being said, I've never had the words disappear from my brain so quickly as when the camera was on me and I had a microphone in my face. Thankfully, when they edited the piece, they chose the parts where I seemed somewhat coherent and knowledgeable, so that was lucky. You can check it out here to judge for yourselves:

At "Speech Time", I decided to opt for the non-traditional "Thank You Rap", being that I am a lyrical mastermind and have the whole "Gangsta" vibe pretty much down pat. What I didn't account for was the dryness of my mouth (akin to having munched on 70 Saos or a bag of cotton balls), but with a quick drink of water I was on my way, and... I nailed it.... just saying.

It was so lovely to see the responses of the children when Aunty Em, the magical, official storyteller of Storytime Lane turned up. Lots of hand shakes, smiles, and a few "awe-struck, I can't believe I'm meeting this amazing celebrity" moments as well. So many of them got involved with the art and craft activities, and a lot of the children proudly showed off their creations to Aunty Em, who was, understandably, amazed and delighted by the creativity shown.

Everyone seemed to love the story "Betty the Yeti's Disappointing Day", and the storytelling video was a big hit.

If you want to see the video yourself, check it out below.

Until next time,

Emily S. Smith

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